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Why Choose Us?Our 4 Advantage!
Xinrong after-sales service has an iron principle that "after sales is only related to the product", that is to say, after-sales service is only related to the product, which is not related to the partner. In the industry, "cooperation is in service, cooperation is not in service", xinrong is firmly not allowed to appear, xinrong treat after-sales service equally, let you be carefree.
Xin rong invests a lot of research and development expenses every year, new function to new appearance development, constantly improve the product competitiveness, maintain the monthly new product, let the customer in the market competition in the active position. At the same time, xinrong also invested a lot of money in brand building, and cooperated with almost all the electrical automation industry media for long-term and good cooperation to enhance the popularity and influence of xinrong.
Xinrong own independent industrial park, with 3,000 square meters of pipeline, assembly line, product type perfect. The products should be fully integrated to meet customers‘ one-stop shopping. At the same time, we can provide customized services to meet the personalized needs of customers. Xinrong production management is oriented by quality, after a rigorous examination, 48 hours of semi-finished products, 24 hours of final product, 40 percent of the temperature, 60 degrees of aging, the customer‘s quality is carefree.
Xinrong can grow steadily, from healthy financial control and long-term credibility accumulation. Xin rong established a very good reputation in the supply commercial circle, take the initiative to do combine month be converted to cash purchase, reduce each into this feedback to xin rong partner, enhance the competitiveness of product prices.

About us

About us

Shenzhen Xin Rong Electric Automation Co., Ltd

The main DCS system, PC monitoring and control system, PLC system integration, OEM complete, servo motion control system of electrical cabinets, line control system, control cabinet complete set, low-voltage distribution cabinets, GGD cabinets, MNS drawer cabinet, frequency conversion control cabinet, dc power supply cabinet, etc. Shenzhen xin rong electrical automation co., LTD. Is a company mainly engaged in electrical automation systems engineering contracting, design, complete sets of cabinet put oneself in another‘s position, system integration, installation, commissioning, training and maintenance in an integrated enterprise. Undertake various industrial control of project: including DCS system in photovoltaic power generation, waste heat power generation system, glass kiln control system, chemical reactor system, environmental dust
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